Managing the Chaos of Multiple Google Accounts

The best thing about Gmail is clearly the search.  You can find any email that ever crossed your inbox if you just remember the recipient, sender, or a unique word in the email.

But almost every other aspect of GMail needs serious improvement, especially managing multiple accounts.

I’ve worked hard to maintain just one mail email address (Animationsite…) but with StoryTime, ZenRobinStudios and other needs, I now have 4 that need to be logged in constantly.

Gmail treats the first account you logged into as the “default” account which really screws up everything if you don’t have a default account.  Links authenticate against the default account, and the login as a different user interface doesn’t work quite right.

But the worst part – the search feature doesn’t work across multiple accounts, which means if you’re not sure what address that missing email was sent to, you’re trying your search across 4 different GMail tabs instead of just one.

Seems like a little thing… and I’m clearly whining at this point because it’s not THAT bad.  But if the company who reinvented how people search can’t foresee and fix this problem, that worries me….a little.


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